Zhao Dong: “buy bitcoin now while nobody does not care about it”

The cryptocurrency billionaire and the large off-exchange trader from China Zhao Dong once again urged the public to look narrowly at purchase of bitcoin. He emphasized that now it is a high time to be bought and hold the first cryptocurrency.

In the WeChat messenger Dong noted that he because of falling of the price of bitcoin watches the first cryptocurrency much less people now, than during its take-off in 2017, and the agiotage will not be until the course BTC returns on marks of tens of thousands of dollars.

“If now most of people does not watch bitcoin, then they also will not watch until the first cryptocurrency reaches new tops and will draw their attention. If you, as well as I, trust in the future of bitcoin, then it is the best of all to hold as it is possible bigger volume while nobody thinks of it”, – the billionaire who made a fortune on bitcoin wrote.

On a question of trends in the industry Dong expressed opinion that 2019 will be quiet, and gradual increase in the price of bitcoin will begin in 2020. However, real “summer” will come only in 2021. It corresponds to its last forecasts that the bitcoin will reach a point in $50,000 by 2021.

“I persuade to buy nobody bitcoin in the bull market. It only looks in the easy way to earn money, but it not so. Now, in the bear market, I convince people to put in bitcoin”, – Dong emphasized.

According to the billionaire, in 2019 a set of cryptocurrency projects will stop the existence, but is not necessary is too pessimistic or it is on the contrary optimistic to look at the industry.

Dong expects also emergence of a new wave of the companies. Will invest in good projects more simply and cheaper, but for many businessmen 2019 will become failure.

“The only thing that it is necessary for you – it is patience”, – Dong summed up.