Uganda shilling
Uganda shilling

Uganda shilling.

Alphabetic reference: UGX.
ISO 4217 code: 800.
The fractional: 100 cents.
Countries:  image001 Uganda



1000 Uganda shillings (130х64)
 image002  image003
Stone construction Image of an antelope
2000 Uganda shillings (135х66)
 image004  image005
Monument to John Henning Speke, British traveler, Dzhinzha Image of fish
5000 Uganda shillings (139х68)
 image006  image007
The memorial devoted to World War II, Kampala The bird twisting гездо
10000 Uganda shillings (142х70)
 image008  image009
Independence monument against falls, Kampala Banana tree
20000 Uganda shillings (146х72)
 image010  image011
Monument “Social and economic development of the city Kampala” Image of buvol
50000 Uganda shillings (151х73)
 image012  image013
Commonwealth monument, Kampala Image of a gorilla



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