U.S. authorities recommended to ignore letters with threats of explosion and requirements of repayment to BTC
U.S. authorities recommended to ignore letters with threats of explosion and requirements of repayment to BTC

The U.S. Government confirmed existence of e-mails with explosion threats in which malefactors demand from the organizations of repayment in bitcoins, and suggested to take steps for the solution of this problem.

The national center of cyber security and communicative integration (NCCIC) which is a part of the Agency on cyber security and infrastructure declared on Thursday that he knows of existence of mailing of similar e-mails worldwide.

“In these e-mails it is claimed that the explosive device will be activated if the repayment in bitcoins is not paid”, – representatives of NCCIC told.

Earlier in several messages published by media it was said that swindlers demand repayment in bitcoin and advise not to call in police. In letters is declared:

“My person brought a bomb (hexogen) to the building where there is your company. I can recall the mercenary if you pay. You pay me $20,000 in bitcoins, and a bomb will not be detonated, but do not try to deceive me – I guarantee that I will recall the mercenary only after three confirmations in network of a blockchain”.

Some users of Twitter also placed screenshots with threats. NCCIC advised citizens in case of obtaining one or more e-mails about explosion threat, not to try to contact the sender or to pay repayment. The agency also asked people to send e-mails to the Center of complaints to Internet crimes of FBI or to local office of FBI.

The mayor of the federal District of Columbia Muriel Bowser also published the official statement confirming that the Department of capital police (MPD) informed her on the continuing investigation of several threats of explosion through the whole country, including the District of Columbia.

“Each of threats was received by e-mail with the requirement to pay repayment in bitcoins, but we do not know about those cases when the victim agreed with requirements and carried out transaction. MPD investigates these threats together with our federal law-enforcement partners. Messages about this problem appear also in other cities through the whole country. If you received such threat or observe suspicious activity, call 911”, – she told.

Representatives of departments of cyber security confirmed that the government agencies of Australia and New Zealand also investigate a problem of the similar e-mails received by some inhabitants.

In November it became known that the companies in Amsterdam are threatened with explosion in case of nonpayment of repayment in bitcoins. In August of this year the mining company Kryptovault received the message with explosion threat – then the malefactor threatened firm for the reason that its operations create too much noise from work of a great number of ASIC miners.