CFA franc - watch money
CFA franc
CFA franc

CFA franc.

Alphabetic reference: XAF.
ISO 4217 code: 950.
The fractional: no.
Countries:  image001 Gabon
 image002 Cameroon
 image003 Republic of Congo
 image004 CAR
 image005 Fumes
 image006 Equatorial Guinea



500 South African CFA francs (130х70)
 image007  image008
The boy’s portrait, lesson at school The woman against two huts
1000 South African CFA francs (135х75)
 image009  image010
Man’s portrait, logging Men in the field behind work
2000 South African CFA francs (145х75)
 image011  image012
Woman’s portrait, hydroelectric power station Works in career on mining
5000 South African CFA francs (145х80)
 image013  image014
Portrait of the man, the image of the ships in port Oil refinery
10000 South African CFA francs (150х80)
 image015  image016
The woman’s portrait, the image of the building of bank in Yaounde – the capital of Cameroon Images of the plane, train and satellite antenna



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