The Cryptomkt exchange and the Flow platform have introduced cryptocurrency payments for 5 000 shops

The cryptocurrency exchange Cryptomkt has begun cooperation with the Chilean payment Flow platform, having introduced cryptocurrency payment service provider for more than 5 000 shops. The announcement follows two solutions of the Chilean vessels according to which banks are obliged to open frozen accounts of the cryptocurrency exchanges again.

Flow integrated into the Cryptocompra system – the payment decision of the Cryptomkt exchange. Clients of the shops using Flow can pay the order by means of cryptocurrencies now. Flow says that it serves more than 50 00 shops now and carries out more than 180 000 monthly transactions for 20 000 clients.

The solution of Cryptocompra available to the companies in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Europe “allows sellers quickly and to easily accept payments in bitcoin, air and stellar”, – Cryptomkt notes.

“Today Chileans can get access to various products and services in more than 5000 shops which are connected with, using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through The client pays in cryptocurrencies, and the company receives peso, reals or euro”.

On the website Flow the commission of 0,90% for the cryptocurrency payments listed the next working day is specified. For comparison, the commission if you pay with credit cards with use of Webpay Plus or Onepay for such payments makes 4,99%.

“You don’t need to have contracts with means of payment, Flow does it for you”, – the company writes. “Every time when someone transfers to you funds, we report you about the translation – we specify details of payment and date of receipt of your money”.

The last months the cryptocurrency exchanges of Chile combated banks concerning illegal closing of their accounts. In April the Chilean court on protection of free competition (TDLC – Tribunal de Defensa de la Libre Competencia) has disposed that three banks have again opened accounts of the cryptocurrency exchanges. In May Banco Estado has followed the instruction and has resumed service of Cryptomkt.

Earlier this month the Fourth chamber of Court of Appeal of Santiago has passed the decision in favor of the cryptocurrency exchange Orionx which had legal proceedings with Banco Estado concerning closing of her accounts. Problems of regulation of cryptocurrencies haven’t escaped heads of the Central Bank of the country. In May the managing director of the Central bank of Chile Mario Marcel has expressed the need of cryptocurrency regulation.