Ran Neuner: I do not know any bubble which would burst twice

Throughout all existence of bitcoin it was repeatedly called a bubble. So was also during superrapid growth in 2017 when many economists claimed that the bubble will burst soon.

However in opinion Ran NeuNer, the host of Crypto Trader on CNBC TV channel, any bubble cannot burst twice.

Last year many news agencies wrote that decline of bitcoin more than for 80% – a strong indication of a bubble ready to burst. At the same time analysts of Bloomberg recognized that the bitcoin is not similar to other bubbles. Rapid growth and falling were caused by irrational behavior of the new, badly informed investors.

And now, when the situation began to change and the bitcoin began sure ascension again, NeuNer said on the page on Twitter:

“I will not perceive seriously any more publications in which the bitcoin is called a bubble. Even if it was also a bubble, I did not see still any bubble which would burst twice”.

Also Neuer very much hopes that now when cryptocurrencies proved the viability, a talk on their crash will remain in the past:

“Now, when all were convinced that cryptocurrencies came for a long time, I hope that all talk on their crash will remain in the past. Besides, CNBC will choose very carefully guests and articles now”.