Lightning Network capacity in Bitcoin blockchain exceeded 500 BTC
Lightning Network capacity in Bitcoin blockchain exceeded 500 BTC

This week the capacity of network of instant payments of Lightning Network (LN) in Bitcoin blockchain for the first time exceeded 500 BTC ($2,066,000 at the rate at the time of the publication). The record is confirmed by statistics from a resource of monitoring of 1ML. Besides it became known that the number of active knots also grew by 13.7%, and the number of channels – almost for 25%.

Last week sale “the cheapest work of art in the history” with LN use drew attention to technology again. Adam Beck, the CEO of Blockstream, whose development promoted sale, said subsequently that the cost of the microscopic work of art was less than 1 millisatosha ($0.00000004143).

Growth of opportunities of Lightning confirms that Bitcoin takes the strongest technical position, than ever in the history in spite of the fact that the price of cryptocurrency continues to fluctuate around 4000 dollars.

At the beginning of a month it was reported that Lightning Network capacity in Bitcoin blockchain increased in a month by 4 times and exceeded 460 BTC, and work of LN was supported by more than 4300 knots and nearly 13,000 channels. At the same time at the end of the last month the capacity of network reached $2 million in BTC.

At the end of October it became known that W3C works on inclusion of Bitcoin and Lightning Network in the payment standards, besides, LN payments will become available in Microsoft Excel soon.