Jeremy Allaire: at bitcoin and it will surely grow big prospects in price
Jeremy Allaire: at bitcoin and it will surely grow big prospects in price

The co-founder of the cryptocurrency Circle platform Jeremy Allaire on Friday gave an interview to the information CNBC portal in which told that at bitcoin and it in the future will surely grow big prospects in price.

Asked it a question of what cost will be had by bitcoin in 3 years what Allaire answered that he does not want to give “significant price forecasts”, but nevertheless told: “In my opinion, it will be much more expensive, than now”.

Also he noted that the bitcoin and air are at the moment strongly resold, and the third in capitalization cryptocurrency advances on this indicator of a leader of the market.

The co-founder of Circle considers that the bitcoin is interesting as non-state means of accumulation.

“I do not think that we are in a situation where there is a place only for one. There is a phase of “tokenization of all” and it seems to us that in the future tokens will represent all forms of financial assets in the world. Several years later their account will go to millions”, – Allaire told.

Also he considers that the cryptocurrency ecosystem needs more clear regulation. He gives regulation of the market in the USA where “the regulatory clarity is provided much more, than in any other markets in the world” as an example.

Allaire noted importance of recognition of cryptocurrencies exchange goods or currencies and also formation of an accurate concept what of digital assets are considered as the security.

The co-founder of Circle already introduced the similar ideas in October. Then he told: “Cryptocurrency securities as a result will be large category of securities which will be used by all companies how now any business has the website”.