Income of Pantera Capital from investments into cryptocurrency has exceeded 10 000%

Cryptocurrency investment Pantera Capital has reported that in five years from the moment of creation of the company her general profit has made more than 10 000%.

It is no wonder that the president of the company Dan Morehead and the director of investments Joey Krug still keep optimism concerning bitcoin. They have said that “the general profit of fund from the moment of his basis has made 10 136,15% minus the commissions and expenses”.

In 2013 in the e-mail sent by Morkhed it was foretold that the bitcoin which then was trading at the price of $104 will grow to $ dollars 5 000. It was explained by the fact that “he surpasses cash, electronic money, gold, etc. He can do the same, as each of these forms of calculation. It is the first global currency since gold. It is the first system of payments without borders”.

Three months later, when the bitcoin was trading for $253, Morkhed has written:

“In my opinion, it is similar to the decision on purchase of shares of Microsoft in those days when they cost 2 cents apiece. Will decide on it it was difficult, even when actions cost on 1 cent. However after time it became clear that it would be the excellent transaction. I consider that the bitcoin is in the same situation now. It is World War I currency after gold and the only system of payments in the world without borders with market capitalization in $3 billion. Now, when Silk Road has sunk into oblivion, the new wave of more exacting investors comes”.

Pantera which has started own hedge fund for investments into a blockchain startups since then, plans “to discuss Venture Fund III and a blockchain revolution within the next months”.

“We have organized meetings in many cities in case investors will want to get acquainted personally with other investors sharing their interest in a blockchain”, – the representative of the company writes.

Some of the last investments of firm include investments in Origin startup which is focused on economy of joint consumption and also in Basis startup planning creation of “stable cryptocurrency”.

It was at the end of last year reported that the Pantera Bitcoin hedge fund has made for investors a profit of 25 004%. Such success managed to be achieved because throughout all time the company bought up bitcoins and I didn’t sell them.