Gambian Dalasi
Gambian Dalasi

Gambian Dalasi.

Alphabetic reference: GMD.
ISO 4217 code: 270.
The fractional: 100 bututs.
Countries:  image001 Gambia



5 Gambian dalasis
 image002  image003
Huge skewbald halcyon, girl’s portrait Pasture
10 Gambian dalasis
 image004  image005
Sacred ibis, boy’s portrait The building of the Central Bank of Gambia in Banjul
25 Gambian dalasis
 image006  image007
Bee-eater, man’s portrait The government house in Banjul
50 Gambian dalasis
 image008  image009
Hoopoe, woman’s portrait Stone circles of Wasu
100 Gambian dalasis
 image010  image011
Senegalese parrot, man’s portrait Memorial arch in Banjul in honor of bloodless revolution of 1994.



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