Czech koruna

Czech koruna.

Alphabetic reference:CZK.
ISO 4217 code:203.
The fractional:100 geller.
Countries: image001Czech Republic


100 Czech korunas (140х69)
 image002 image003
Charles IV – the king of the Czech Republic (1346 – 1378), the emperor (1355 – 1378) of the Roman EmpireThe stylized pattern in the form of a medallion with the national hero
200 Czech korunas (146х69)
 image004 image005
Jan Amon Komensky – the Czech teacher humanist, the writer, the public figure, the founder of scientific pedagogicsThe hands of the adult and the child adjoining with each other
500 Czech korunas (152х69)
 image006 image007
Bozena Nemtsova – the Czech writer, the ancestor of modern Czech proseThe woman’s head in furniture from flowers
1000 Czech korunas (158х74)
 image008 image009
Frantisek Palatsky — the Czech historian and the politicianGothic cathedral and national coat of arms
2000 Czech korunas (164х74)
 image010 image011
Ema Destinova – the Czech opera singerEvterpa – a muse of music and lyrical poetry, a violin, a violoncello
5000 Czech korunas (170х74)
 image012 image013
Tomasz Garrick Massarik – the Czech sociologist and the philosopher, public and the statesman, the first president of CzechoslovakiaGothic cathedral


1 Czech koruna
 image014 image015
Face value, St. Václav’s crownCzech lion, year of stamping
2 Czech korunas
 image016 image017
Face value, ornamentCzech lion, year of stamping
5 Czech korunas
 image018 image019
Face value, Karlov BridgeCzech lion, year of stamping
10 Czech korunas
 image020 image021
The face value, cathedral Petrov in BrnaCzech lion, year of stamping
20 Czech korunas
 image022 image023
Face value, ствтуя St. VáclavCzech lion, year of stamping
50 Czech korunas
 image024 image025
Face value, image of PragueCzech lion, year of stamping