Botswanian Poulat

Botswanian Poulat.

Alphabetic reference:BWP.
ISO 4217 code:072.
The fractional:100 thebe.
Countries: image001Botswana


10 Botswanian pool (132×66)
 image002 image003
Seretse Khama Ian Khama – the fourth president of Botswana since April 1, 2008.Parliament building
20 Botswanian pool (138×69)
 image004 image005
Kgalemang Monsete – the author of the anthem of BotswanaOre dressing factory
50 Botswanian pool (144×72)
 image006 image007
Seretse Khama – the first president of BotswanaThe delta of the Okavango River, a bird with fish
100 Botswanian pool (150×75)
 image008 image009
Three Leaders (Batoen I, Sebele I, Khama of III) who signed the contract on protectorate of Great Britain over Bechuanaland (Botswana) with the purpose to survive under attacks of drills (colonists from Holland and France)Sorting of diamonds, diamond mine
200 Botswanian pool (156×78)
 image010 image011
Female teacher and childrenThree zebras on a watering place


5 Botswanian thebe
 image012 image013
Big toucanCoat of arms of Botswana
10 Botswanian thebe
 image014 image015
Antelope ориксCoat of arms of Botswana
25 Botswanian thebe
 image016 image017
BuffaloCoat of arms of Botswana
50 Botswanian thebe
 image018 image019
Orlan-belokhvostCoat of arms of Botswana
1 Botswanian pool
 image020 image021
ZebraCoat of arms of Botswana
2 Botswanian pools
 image022 image023
RhinocerosCoat of arms of Botswana
5 Botswanian pool
 image024 image025
Gusenitsa-mopaneCoat of arms of Botswana