Australian dollar

Australian dollar.

Alphabetic reference:AUD.
ISO 4217 code:036.
The fractional:100 cents.
Countries: image001Australia


5 Australian dollars (130х65)
 image005 image006
Queen Elizabeth II’s portrait, at the left — an eucalyptus branchImages of modern and old buildings of the Australian parliament, landscape project of the new parliamentary building
5 Australian dollars (130х65) (memorable 2001 of century)
 image007 image008
Portrait of Sir Henry Parks — one of founders of federal Australia, a scene from the picture “Opening of the First Parliament of the Australian Union”, the image of Pavilion of FederationCatherine Helen Spens’s portrait – the journalist, the politician, the teacher, is known as “The greatest woman of Australia”, at the left — the building of the State children’s department, on the right — the reduced portraits of the historical persons fighting for creation of federation
10 Australian dollars (memorable 1988 of century)
 image009 image010
James Cook’s portrait – the English seafarer and the researcher, the image of the European settlers and the shipImage of the young native, rock painting and ceremonial staff of natives
10 Australian dollars (137х65)
 image011 image012
Portrait of the Banjo of Paterson – the Australian poet, at the left — a horse with the equestrian (the parallel with the poem of Paterson “The guy from the Snow river”), on the right — the running not trained horses is drawn, an inscription of “Waltzing Matilda” (the Australian national song called by “the informal anthem of Australia” and words to which are written by Paterson)Portrait Mary Gilmore – the Australian poetess, to the left of it — a portrait grown old Gilmore, written by William Dobell, at the left — the image of the oxen transporting wool
20 Australian dollars (144х65)
 image013 image014
Portrait of Mary Reybi who arrived to Australia as concluded, and subsequently I became the successful businesswoman in Sydney. The schooner of “Mercury” and the house on George Street in Sydney belonging to itJohn Flynn’s portrait – the founder of first-ever air ambulance, the sanitary plane, a camel and the equestrian
50 Australian dollars (151х65)
 image015 image016
David Unaypon’s portrait – the preacher, the inventor, the writer and the journalist is from natives of AustraliaEdith Cowen’s portrait – the first woman elected in the Australian parliament
100 Australian dollars (158х65)
 image017 image018
Nellie Melba’s portrait, Australian opera singerJohn Monash’s portrait, the civil engineer who became the military commander during World War I


5 Australian cents
 image019 image020
EchidnaQueen Elizabeth II’s profile
10 Australian cents
 image021 image020
Big лирохвостQueen Elizabeth II’s profile
20 Australian cents
 image022 image020
Duck-billQueen Elizabeth II’s profile
50 Australian cents
 image023 image024
Coat of arms of AustraliaQueen Elizabeth II’s profile
1 Australian dollar
 image025 image026
Five kangaroosQueen Elizabeth II’s profile
2 Australian dollars
 image027 image026
Australian nativeQueen Elizabeth II’s profile