Argentine peso

Argentine peso.

Alphabetic reference:ARS.
ISO 4217 code:032.
The fractional:100 centavos.
Countries: image001Argentina


2 Argentine pesos (155х65)
 image002 image003
Bartolomé Mitre’s portrait of the president of Argentina 1862 — 1868Building of the museum of Bartolomé Mitre
5 Argentine pesos (155х65)
 image004 image005
José de St Martin portrait, national hero of ArgentinaGlory monument fragment in Mendoza
10 Argentine pesos (155х65)
 image006 image007
Manuel Belgrano’s portrait, Argentina lawyer, politician and generalBanner monument in Rosario
20 Argentine pesos (155х65)
 image008 image009
Portrait Huang Manuel de Rossas, Argentina military and politicianSea battle at Obligado
50 Argentine pesos (155х65)
 image010 image011
Domingo Faustino Sarmiento’s portrait, the president of Argentina with 1868 on 1874Government building
100 Argentine pesos (155х65)
 image012 image013
Julio Roca’s portrait, the president of Argentina in 1880 – 1886 and in 1898 – 1904The riders who arrived to new territories


5 Argentina centavos
 image014 image015
Coin face valueThe sun with 16 straight lines and 16 wavy beams (by number of provinces of the country)
10 Argentina centavos
 image016 image017
Coin face valueCoat of arms of Argentina
25 Argentina centavos
 image018 image019
Coin face valueImage of a town hall of Buenos Aires
50 Argentina centavos
 image020 image021
Coin face valueBuilding of administration of the Province of Tucuman
1 Argentine peso
 image022 image023
The coin face value, the sun with 16 straight lines and 16 wavy beamsCoat of arms of Argentina